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Healthy Recipes

Top Juice Recipes for Weight Loss, and How They Help
All of the recipes in this post are extremely low in sugar and fat. They are green juices - they’re made out of mainly leafy greens and fat-burning roots. Some fruits are in there, but only in moderate amount to help with the taste.
10 Easy Peasy Healthy Salads
Want a little fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients for a healthy nourishment of the body and mind? Here come your recipes to make a fresh, tasty salad. Easy peasy and advanced all included.
Luna’s Top 5 Exotic Juice Recipes
Here are the best recipes to make tasty and freshening fruit and vegetable juices. Unique and exotic, but you’ll be surprised how simple and quick it is to make them!

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J.A. Henckels Knife Set Reviews & Caring Guide
What makes the reputation of J.A Henckels knife sets? Originating from “the city of blades” in Germany helps, of course. Then it’s the great marketing. But there is no doubt it is the quality of their knives that withstands the hundreds of years of history.
The Best Juicers of 2017 – Buying Guide & Reviews
Literally everything you need to know about juicing: its health benefits and risks, the types of juicers, how they work, and which one is the most suitable for you.
Best Apple Utensils: Apple Slicers, Peelers and Corers of 2017
Apples are yummy, but that doesn’t mean you should waste all that time working on manually removing the skin and the cores of dozens of apples, then chopping them into thin little slices. These tools will make the apple prep work a lot faster and easier for you.