The Heart of The Home Beats in The Kitchen


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Kitchen Tips by LunaRegina

10 Easy Peasy Healthy Salads
Want a little fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients for a healthy nourishment of the body and mind? Here come your recipes to make a fresh, tasty salad. Easy peasy and advanced all included.
Luna’s Top 5 Exotic Juice Recipes
Here are the best recipes to make tasty and freshening fruit and vegetable juices. Unique and exotic, but you’ll be surprised how simple and quick it is to make them!

Kitchen Tips by LunaRegina

The Best Water Filters of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide
Concerned about tap water quality in your home? Here’s a shortlisted collection of the best water filtration devices to help you get rid of chlorine and heavy metals to enjoy safe, fresh water.
Best Slow Masticating Juicers on The Market – Buyer’s Guide (2017)
If you are opting for a healthy and tasty diet, check out these slow masticating juicers that make fresh-tasting, nutritious fruit and veggies juices. Because rewarding are the investments you make for a healthy living!
Best Can, Jar, Bottle, Wine Openers 2017
For anyone who has ever had to grind their teeth to open a jar of strawberry jam or a can of tuna: don't let them define your strength. Conquer the challenges in a second now with the best can, jar, and bottle openers.
Best Apple Peelers and Corers of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide
An apple slicer, corer and peeler can help you get your fruit ready in less than a minute. Check out these tools to make healthy eating so fast, easy, and convenient it becomes your habit.