About Us

Luna ReginaIf you are a believer and practitioner of wholesome diet and healthy living, you are in the right place!

This blog is all about making healthy eating and living an easier choice for individuals and families. You will find here tips and gadgets that make work in the kitchen and the whole house much easier, time-effective, and more convenient.

You will also find real-life experiences in health and beauty care.

This blog belongs to me, Luna Regina.

I’m a full-time app reviewer at a mid-sized tech company, the wife of a geeky electronic engineer, and proud mother of a five-years-old son.

My daily schedule includes preparing and eating breakfast with Kyle the hubby and Jimmy the son, going to work, hitting the gym, and in the evening, helping my men while they’re cooking dinner. Our “official” family time includes reading to my son, playing with him, or going on dates with the hubby.

That, at times, is difficult to maintain, due to the overload of housework we have to do. And we were sometimes tempted to just order a pizza for dinner so we can quickly call it a day.

I enjoy cooking and doing the houseworks together with my men, and actually consider that the family’s quality time. But I also know we need to minimize the hours on the odd jobs so we can focus our energy on other activities.

Homemade meals should be faster than fast foods. Maintaining a wholesome diet and healthy living should not be a burden, it should not be tiring or time-consuming.

I’m on my search to make it handy, easy, and convenient, and I created this blog so I can share with you what I have learned on the way.

If you have any questions or inquiries about me or my blog, don’t hesitate to contact me here.