The Best Water Filters of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Water filtration to remove unpleasant odors and pollutants has forever been a concern for the human species. Large scale attempts to filter the natural life-giving liquid to make clean, safe, and tasty water can be dated back to more than 6000 years ago.

Thankfully, clean water is now easily available to so many of us. While tap water is not completely free of contaminants, concerned inventors have finally came up with effective household water filtration devices and systems to protect our health.

the best water filters

Modern water filters can remove most of the poisonous heavy metals, such as lead, copper, and mercury, as well as arsenic. They also reduce the irritating chlorine and fluoride in tap water, ensuring the best taste and quality of water.

As we need to consume a large amount of water everyday, more and more people are aware of the necessity of clean, safe water. Following it is the emergence of a plethora of residential water filters on the market.

To save you from unnecessary struggles and headaches while picking a good water filter, we have listed out the best items in each category of water filtration devices. The picks are based on our personal experience with the products, reviews from Amazon customers, as well as the product’s technical features.

Best Water Filters 2017

    Here is our list of the best water filter pitcher, faucet mount water filter, counter top filtration system, under sink filtration system, and shower head water filter on the market for your reference.

    Filter NameCertificationsAward
    Brita PitcherNSF42Best Water Pitcher
    PUR Faucet FilterNSFBest Faucet Mount Water Filter
    Home Master Filtration System-Best Countertop Water Filter
    iSpring Filtration SystemNSF & WQA Gold Seal
    Best Under-sink RO Water Filter
    AquaBliss Shower Head Filter-Best Shower Head Water Filter

    1. Best Water Pitcher - Brita Water Pitcher

    If you’re looking for a good water filter pitcher to get rid of toxic contaminants and the annoying chlorine taste in your drinking water, look no further than this Brita Pitcher.

    Best Water Pitcher


    • Could be heavy for children

    Like all the other items in the Brita family of water filter pitchers, this pitcher is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation with NSF42. This means it is tested and confirmed to significantly reduce the amount of copper, cadmium and mercury impurities, chemicals in the water that threaten to cause serious health problems in long term.

    To be honest, I was never able to really feel the presence of chlorine and heavy metals in the unfiltered water. However, as I boiled it (Asian tea drinker I am!), the burning chemical flavor always seemed to be magnified. It had some unpleasant taste even after cooling down.

    Now I can tell a HUGE difference in the smell and taste in the water, as well as in my tea. After it goes through the Brita pitcher’s filter, the water becomes purer, healthier, and free of the chlorine smell. No more weird flavor even in the boiled water!

    The pitcher comes with a filter, which should be replaced after 40 gallons of water. Luckily, you won’t have to measure the amount, as there is a sticker filter indicator to let you know when to replace the filter.

    With a flip lid on the top, it’s easy and fast to refill the pitcher. It has a fairly big tank that can contain and filter 10 cups of water at a time. That’s 80 oz or 2.4l - about the required amount of water intake you need daily.

    If you use a lot of water at a time, however, check this PUR 18 Cup Dispenser. Much bigger tank, and it claims to reduce 21 contaminants too!

    2. Best Faucet Mount Water Filter - PUR Advanced Faucet Filter

    A water pitcher would certainly produce enough clean water for you to drink throughout the day. However, a faucet mount filter would be more convenient when you need more clean, fresh water to not only drink, but also make a soup, wash your fruits and vegetables, or for personal sanitary needs.

    Best Faucet Mount Water Filter

    • Compact
    • NSF certified
    • Removes 70 contaminants
    • Quick and easy to install


    • May leak after several years
    • Not suitable for low hanging faucets

    This advanced faucet water filter by PUR does the job for you. It is tested and certified by the NSF to remove at least 70 different pollutants in tap water.

    With activated carbon filters made from coconut shells, the filter absorbs a large amount of toxic heavy metals, such as lead (99%), pesticides (92%), and mercury (96%).

    In addition, the filter also works to remove the smell of chlorine from the water, making it not only safe and healthy, but also much tastier to consume. Actually, customers’ reviews suggest that the improved water flavor is indeed its selling point!

    This PUR item is among the easiest filters to install. It also goes with most standard faucets, hanging right under it. Although it takes only a second to remove it when you need more space, it’s better to make sure your faucet is not already staying low into the sink.

    Replacement of the filter is necessary after 100 gallons or every three months - it has built in electronic filter life indicator to remind you of that.

    The major issue with this filter the customers have complained about so far is that it tends to leak after a certain time of use. It comes with a 2-year warranty, but if you want a different product, the H400 is recommended.

    3. Best Countertop Water Filter - Home Master Countertop Filtration System

    To ensure sufficient safe, clean water for a small family without having to replace the filter too often, you may want to consider a good countertop water filtration system. This Home Master system claims to filter 500 gallons before you need to change the cartridge.

    Best Countertop Water Filter

    • Compact
    • Comes with faucet adapter
    • Filters large amount of water
    • Multiple layers of filter to remove various pollutants


    • Not NSF certified

    But it’s not all about the quantity. The water filter promises to significantly boost the water quality by reducing 93 percent of fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals in your tap water. That is thanks to its 3 layers of filtering substances.

    The top layer contains 10 oz of coconut shell carbon, a premium contaminant adsorbent used widely in water treatment for residential and commercial use. The carbon is well known for its ability to reduce pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, and chlorine - a major culprit of the bleach odor in your water.

    About the same amount of activated aluminium is added in the second layer to remove fluoride and the poisonous substance of arsenic. Among the layers are compression disks that filter substances measured down to 5 micron - ensuring you clean and clear water to consume.

    Dissolved minerals, like calcium and magnesium, meanwhile, will be retained.

    While made with advanced filtering technology, the filtration system is very compact. It can stay on your countertop or sink top without taking too much space. Thanks to the humble size, it is portable enough to bring along with you to provide safe, fresh water on long camping trips.

    No need to worry about the faucet size: there is a faucet adapter in the package. In fact, the whole system comes in a box with everything you need: the filter, a sink faucet diverter valve, a faucet adapter, a flexible tube, and a long-reach chrome faucet. And an instruction manual that shows you how to install the whole thing within minutes.

    Unfortunately, despite great reviews from verified buyers who have used and felt the difference it makes, this filtration system has yet to receive certifications from the NSF. If the NSF certificates are an important factor for you, this item would be a better choice.

    4. Best Under-sink RO Water Filter - iSpring Water Filter System

    The under-sink water filter is the solution when you want safe, fresh, chlorine odor free water from your tap, but don’t like the idea of having a not-so-sleek-looking filter on your sink or countertop. This iSpring RCC7 5-Stage Residential Under-Sink Water Filter System purifies water to an excellent quality while preserving your sink space.

    Best Under-sink RO Water Filter

    • NSF certified
    • WQA Gold Sea
    • Removes most contaminants
    • Installed undersink, saves space
    • Comes with European style faucet


    • Wastes more water than other filters

    The iSpring item is a Reverse Osmosis which, as you may have known, is among those producing water of the best quality. In fact, it is same the technology used to produce the fancy bottled water that we usually buy from the convenient store.

    As it enters the iSpring, the water will go through 3 stages of pre-filter. Next, the water molecules will pass through the tiny 0.0001 micron sized holes on an RO membrane, leaving behind 99% of more than a thousand contaminants. It should now be almost free of chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, pesticides, and other pollutants.

    The almost purified water will again pass through a fine GAC filter for a final polish. Coming out from the tap is clean, healthy and fresh tasting water you need to nourish!

    And this all is not simply a claim: the iSpring RO has secured a place in the list of NSF certified products. Furthermore, it has received a hard-earned Gold Seal from the Water Quality Association for its exceptional quality.

    The system comes completed with a European style tap that can easily match with various kitchen decor.

    Many buyers have installed the system by themselves following the manual or instruction videos on Youtube. However, if you, (like me), don’t feel like spending time to deal with all the tubes and parts, calling a professional plumber would be the best option.

    One thing about the RO systems, though: they can waste quite an amount of water. To find out solutions to this, contact the manufacturer has WQA certified professionals to help before or after your purchase.

    Their product also comes with a 1-year money back guarantee, 1-year limited warranty.

    5. Best Shower Head Water Filter - AquaBliss Universal Shower Filter

    You have no related health problems but are experiencing skin irritation and hair loss? Install this water filter for shower head.

    Best Shower Head Water Filter

    • Compact
    • Long filter life
    • Easy to install
    • Works on hot and cold water
    • Goes with most standard shower heads
    • Removes contaminants, reduces fungi and mold


    • Reduces water pressure

    I never thought of chlorine water as the culprit when I found more of my hair falling onto on the floor each day. (I was luckily among the people that don’t suffer from skin itchiness caused by contact with unfiltered water). But I’m generally healthy and was under no major stress.

    Some suggestions from a friend, and a google search confirmed my need for a good shower head filter.

    This AquaBliss is one.

    The filter is a compact tool covered by a sleek cover shell. Inside the shell is a filter that provides three-stage filtration, which ensures pollutant reduction on various water temperatures.

    Be it a hot shower or a cold refresh, you can be assured this filter will remove a large amount of the annoying chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants in the water before it contacts with your body.

    In fact, a majority of users stated on Amazon they noticed the difference on their hair and skin immediately after the first uses!

    Installation of this item is a piece of cake, and no additional tool is needed. Except for a plumper tape, which the manufacturer has thoughtfully included in the package. Be your shower head of a fixed, rain or handheld type, the item’s universal connections will match with it.

    Replacement of the filter cartridge is just as easy. You don’t have to change it often though: a replacement every six to eight months would be sufficient to ensure the best water quality.

    Such a simple solution for hair loss!

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